OP Industries

Clothing  & Styles for you


               The 1st Annual Design Contest 

The Annual Design Contest is a contest in which you submit your own personal hand drawn artwork and are eligible to win one of the listed prizes


$100 gift card for Walmart,Target or BestBuy


$100 Gas Card


$150 worth of OP Industries clothing


Your artwork will be featured on our Limited Edition 2017 Clothing

                      Rules & Regulations

#1. Artwork must be 100% your own (DO NOT COPY ANYTHING)  

#2. Artwork must contain the year 2018 in bold 2D or 3D as shown in the           slideshow on the bottom left of this page

#3. You must have both a black and white version of your work along with a

      full color version

#4. The Bold 2018 must be 1in - 2in in width and 1.25in - 2.5in

       in length for each number (Spacing should be no more then 1.25cm)  

#5. You have a canvas of 1foot 2in by 1.5feet (No Bigger)

#6. Bold 2018 Artwork must be centered and 2in - 3in from top of canvas 

#7. Your artwork must be appropriate for all ages

#8. Be as creative as you can!

Note:By submitting your work you here by agree to cease all rights to the

        submission and its contents,You therefore relinquished your rights

        to OP Industries and will receive an e-mail regarding your submission 

        as soon as possible. 

        *You may have 1-3 submissions per person.