OP Industries

Clothing  & Styles for you

The following are ideas along with new upcoming products coming soon to
-OP Industries-

We are planning to soon release our first shirt as a follow up to our brand new item that was just released on 

8/18/16 if you have yet to hear of this please click here for more information. 

The shirt planned for released is going to be held to a high standard of quality and will be introducing our customers to whats to come in the future #OPIndustries #OPNation

Expected Release Date: Late2017

OP Industries: Jacket Release

Jackets: Expected to be 2-Toned pullover hoodies sporting an all black exterior with a Red or Gray Lined hood accompanied with matching Laces and as always custom OP Industries Tags

Style: Unspecified 

Expected Release Date: Late2017-2018

There is exciting news for our company we just got asked to sponsor a brand new energy drink named Ghost Energy.

Due to some copyright issues with the owner of the energy drink OP Industries has made a deal with the owner for 100% of the rights to the company. 

Making OP Industries the proud owner of the New energy drink that will be called OP Energy.

Which will start off with one Flavor called Cherry Bomb and will start expanding with many new flavors that 

are sure to make a lot of happy customers. 

Expected Release Date: Unknown